The Alamandria Creative Mindfulness one-day programme offers experiential creative processes that provide a unique approach to self-mastery and mindfulness for your group or team. Our methods extend beyond the typical cognitive-based practices by employing simple artistic processes to cultivate personal awareness, emotional intelligence and social mindfulness.

Our workshop covers the following:

Who am I – Who are you?
Awakening awareness of our self and the other

Presencing – Living in the Now
Learning how to ‘centre’ and ‘rebalance’ through mindful practice

The Aspirational self
Discovering the source of inner change as a resource for positive social engagement

Personal maintenance
Caring for our inner life to enrich our outer life

Keeping cool in the cauldron
Managing stress, anxiety and fear.

Colour breathing
Learning a breathing practice to help calm, relax, concentrate and cultivate inner peace.

Corporate leaders, teaching professionals, health practitioners and prison inmates have benefited from Alamandria’s simple and unique creative mindfulness and meditation methods.

Testimonial from the Upper Hutt City Council Chief Executive:
Thanks so much for giving my team the opportunity to take some time to reflect, relax and reconnect. Our collective lives are somewhat crazy at the best of times so being shown some valuable tools to help us re-focus has proven to be very valuable. The way you connected with the team and put us at ease was fantastic, given that the majority of the tools were very foreign to us at the time. I would highly recommend your workshop to other teams and are more than happy for you to share the wonderful imagery from the day
– Chris Upton

We offer especially tailored courses for your group – please contact us today to discuss: