Alamandria is a social initiative through which meditation, artistic process and aesthetic experiences are used as a means to relieve the stresses and challenges of daily life and to awaken personal insight.

We offer experiential courses and retreats that provide a unique approach to self-mastery, mindfulness and meditation. Original creative processes have been designed to facilitate personal discovery and cultivate depth of perception whilst providing a perfect balance of meditative & mindfulness practice, stillness, movement, play, creativity and the opportunity for solitude.

Not everyone is an experienced artist yet artistic experiences are available to everyone. These experiences contain forces that can raise us from mundane existence to an awakening of beauty, gratitude and self-awareness.

MAAT. Clinical (First Class Honours). MDes. (Distinction) Reg. Arts Therapist ANZCATA

Mark is an experienced meditant of Western-based meditation and takes part in an international meditation initiative that meets each year in Europe. He runs workshops and retreats and takes a keen interest in research concerning artistic processes and their usefulness to meditative practice. Mark was a senior lecturer in design at Massey University and now has a private practice in arts therapy. As part of his therapeutic work Mark has been practising therapy at Rimutaka Prison in the therapy unit, Te Whare Manaakitanga. He is a painter and an experienced practitioner of tai chi.

BDes (Honours)

Emily is an experienced meditant and facilitator and uses her contemplative practice as a source for her creative artistic endeavours. She recently exhibited a series of contemporary devotional paintings entitled Roses of the Soul and is also now working on two future exhibitions:  The Sacred Grove – a series of ‘tree of life’ paintings created as meditations and imaginations around the themes of courage, protection, boundaries, letting go, karma, transformation and awakening. The second entitled Empyrean explores the spiritual warrior that resides in each of us as represented through breastplates, diadems and finials and forms the basis of a workshop exploring self-leadership and personal empowerment for women. Emily has been a Youthline Counsellor, youth mentor and a long term volunteer at the Mary Potter Hospice where she is now a member of their ‘Wellness Action Group’ facilitating Creative Mindfulness Sessions for their staff. Emily is a successful graphic designer and founder of Emily Fletcher Design. She is a storyteller and poet with a strong belief in the inspiriting power of story, myth and ritual.

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PGDip Des, GDip Des, BA Hons

Catherine is an experienced meditant practising mindfulness in nature, breath-work and yogaShe honed her facilitation skills during her tenure as a creative director, tutor and mentor in Visual Communication at Massey University. Catherine is also a highly gifted photographer & designer and founder of Catherine Adam Photography and Wonderbird — Photography & Design StudioMuch of her photographic work is aligned with wellbeing (art therapy, yoga in prison, yoga, meditation, as well as the arts). She is currently working on a project exploring the colours and textures of outer landscapes and how they affect one’s inner soul-landscape on a therapeutic level.

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