At Alamandria we believe that well-being, self-leadership and self-care are essential to the ongoing health of a company and its members. We offer programmes for organisations whereby Mark and Emily facilitate pathways to well-being and personal transformation that can effect positive change in the culture of an organisation.

Our creative approach moves beyond purely mindfulness and cognitive behavioural practices, and weaves a living creative pathway for the fostering of empathy and personal insight through the enlivening of our head, heart and hand – our thinking, feeling and life of action.

It is through personal insight that resilience can grow. An inner resilience that reduces pressure, anxiety and stress through wellbeing practices, but which also carries the potential to transform the culture of a workplace through each individual’s conscious and compassionate self-leadership.

Emily and Mark have a wealth of experience in working with diverse groups and organisations. For over a decade they have developed Alamandria programmes encompassing movement, colour, meditations, visualisations, self-mastery exercises, perception-based exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, and more.

If you are interested in talking with us about the well-being needs of your workplace, please contact us at or call Mark: 021 898592 or Emily: 021 1693735.

Facilitators Mark and Emily run workshops and retreats throughout New Zealand. They have run Creative Mindfulness workshops with leadership teams, prison inmates, hospice staff, teachers and individual clients. Read more about Mark and Emily here.


Testimonial from the Chief Executive, Upper Hutt City Council:
Thanks so much for giving my team the opportunity to take some time to reflect, relax and reconnect. Our collective lives are somewhat crazy at the best of times so being shown some valuable tools to help us re-focus has proven to be very valuable. The way you connected with the team and put us at ease was fantastic, given that the majority of the tools were very foreign to us at the time. I would highly recommend your workshop to other teams and are more than happy for you to share the wonderful imagery from the day.
– Chris Upton

Testimonial from the HR Manager, Mary Potter Hospice:
Emily Fletcher from Alamandria regularly conducts creative mindfulness sessions for our staff here in Newtown. These sessions are always eagerly anticipated and well attended. Each one has a different focus and Emily takes us to a peaceful, creative oasis where we can take some time out to re-energise our minds. Emily creates a welcoming physical space in our seminar room using items from nature and sometimes her own art. This encourages us to enter a creative and meditative world. We always leave the sessions with a feeling of achievement – not in the usual “I have ticked off tasks” way – but at a much deeper and personally meaningful level.
– Mary Sinclair Jones

Testimonial from the Principal Psychologist, Te Whare Manaakitanga, Rimutaka Prison:
Mark has worked alongside our therapy team, assisting with the rehabilitation of high risk violent offenders, for approximately five years. In this time, Mark has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to engage our most challenging clients and use mindfulness-based practices and artistic mediums to help these clients gain insight into their internal processes. There have been occasions in which this work was the turning point for men who wanted to give up on their journey of change, and a catalyst to their willingness to explore and address unhelpful patterns of cognitions and emotions within our psychological treatment sessions.
– Nicky Perkins

Testimonial from retreat participant on the Art of Meditation through Colour:
I cannot commend Alamandria enough, both Mark and Emily walk what they teach and have an air of nobility and utmost integrity about them which can only come from their committed consideration and participation with the practices that they share.  This work is of very high standard.  In a world where so much is shouting at us to buy it, this really does deliver something worth having.  I don’t use the term “life changing” very often, but these offerings I believe have that potential if lived deeply into.
– Nina Hawkins