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When: 10am Friday 24 March – 4pm Sunday 26 March 2017
Where: Aio Wira Retreat Centre, Waitakere, AUCKLAND
Cost: $490 / accommodation & meals included

This can be the beginning of an incredible journey into your own self-mastery by means of developing an ongoing mindfulness practice that you can integrate into your day to day life. We will guide you through a series of original creative processes – that we have designed especially for this course along with soul strengthening exercises and some of the more traditional mindfulness techniques such as breathing and body movement.

Everything we offer can be integrated at your own pace into your daily home and work life as an ongoing practice of wellbeing.

These practices are key facilitators in awakening dormant capacities within us – capacities that are inherently self-empowering and that remind us of what it is to be human in this technologically focused world. Through strengthening our will power we can unfold our own potential to make life-changes through a path of self-mastery.

On this retreat we will be working at heightening your capacity to become the ‘learner’ and ‘researcher’ of your own experiences – and we will have fun doing it! The journey into self-mastery and self-observation can be one where we can foster a deeper humility and love for ourselves and the world – no matter how imperfect we feel – we can enjoy this journey into our own self-discovery!

Our venue, hidden away in the natural environs of the Waitakere Ranges, is a place of peace, tranquility and beauty – a perfect retreat space to remind you of the stillness that is often so hard to find in our day-to-day life.

The pathway to self-mastery is for everyone – whether you are a corporate leader, a parent, student or therapist – self-mastery and mindfulness training can initiate a way of being that can transform all aspects of your life.

This 3-day workshop retreat will include:

  • Breathing technique
  • Self in space and time through movement
  • Awakening to the self and world through line and colour
  • Control of thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Relationship to beauty and nature
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Mastery – Becoming the objective observer