What is Alamandria Soul Nourishment?

In an Alamandria Soul Nourishment session Emily guides individuals into creative pathways of self-development – cultivating self-leadership, soul care and self-nourishment. Emily looks at fostering healthy thinking, overcoming erroneous beliefs, manifesting through cognitive feeling and the strengthening of our will capacities. She creates unique creative pathways for each client using movement, colour exercises, verses, poetry techniques, and more. These sessions are perfect for anyone wanting to awaken to their own capacities of self-empowerment as well as establish an ongoing rhythm of self-care and a pathway to self-knowledge. 

Emily has also developed a unique series of apperception cards that she uses as a way of working with themes such as Courage, Letting Go, Boundaries, Protection and Positivity. Apperception derives from the Latin ‘to perceive’ and working in this way is about making the unconscious conscious. Emily has used these card sets in group work and with individual clients as a means to deepen one’s relationship to a particular theme. The chosen card can become like a visual talisman that resonates long after a session is over.

Today we are extremely challenged by our busy, often over-extended and technologically saturated lives, with the associated effects of stress, anxiety, loneliness and personal trauma. We also face profound and complex issues in respect to environmental collapse, animal extinction, and politically with the rise of extremist movements. Whether or not these are consciously felt, they have a deep psychological impact on our soul life. Alamandria Soul Nourishment provides a pathway for developing ongoing well-being practices, and facilitates the awakening of our own latent capacities for self-leadership and self-therapy during these challenging times.

Each session | $85
Payment options for those with financial hardship.

Emily Fletcher

Emily is an artist, freelance designer and an experienced meditant and facilitator and uses her contemplative practice as a source for her creative artistic endeavours. As well as facilitating meditation and mindfulness retreats Emily facilitates well-being programmes for organisations and prison inmates. Emily has been a Youthline counsellor, youth mentor and is currently a long term volunteer at the Mary Potter Hospice where she is a member of their ‘Wellness Action Group’ facilitating Creative Mindfulness Sessions for their staff. As a storyteller and poet Emily believes in the inspiriting power of story, myth and ritual. See Emily Fletcher Design to view Emily’s art and design.



Last year I had the opportunity of working with Emily, primarily using soft pastels to experience and explore the relationships and nuances of colour to where I found myself at that time. 

What a world opened up on so many levels! 

Emily’s graceful presence which accompanied my processes with such sensitivity, allowed an unfolding of discovery, not previously imagined, in a safe and supportive way. I left every session with something new in my kete.

Now nearly a year on, I look at and respond to colour, to nature, to finding a place for my experiences, completely differently.  I see and respond with new eyes and new understandings.


Emily Fletcher from Alamandria regularly conducts creative mindfulness sessions for our staff here in Newtown. These sessions are always eagerly anticipated and well attended. Each one has a different focus and Emily takes us to a peaceful, creative oasis where we can take some time out to re-energise our minds. Emily creates a welcoming physical space in our seminar room using items from nature and sometimes her own art. This encourages us to enter a creative and meditative world. We always leave the sessions with a feeling of achievement – not in the usual “I have ticked off tasks” way – but at a much deeper and personally meaningful level.
Mary SinclairJones
HR Manager, Mary Potter Hospice 


Mark and Emily are perhaps the kindest people I have ever connected with. From the moment we arrived until the afternoon we left, they were completely present with us all. The retreat was full of deep work, encapsulated in a beautiful warm and uplifting light. I felt incredibly welcome and comfortable from the first meeting and felt as though I had arrived home. Throughout the weekend, Mark and Emily guided us through the colour wheel and it was fascinating to experience all the different feelings that would arise working with different colours. They hold so much knowledge and it was truly an honor to learn from them.
Participant in The Art of Meditation Through Colour Retreat