The Six Basic Exercises


THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE ATTENDED our Alamandria retreats and course programmes will know we take all our participants through ‘The Six Basic Exercises’. This series of exercises (developed by Rudolf Steiner) are a training ground for developing a strong inner foundation for our soul-life  – so in this sense, they are a workout that leads to healthy self-discipline, heightened awareness and enhanced ‘presence’

These exercises form the mastery of our (1) thinking, (2) willing (life of action), (3) feeling (equanimity) and the cultivation of (4) open-mindedness,  (5) positivity and (6) the harmonious interweaving of all these capacities in our day-to-day life

For anyone aspiring to self-mastery and self-empowerment, these exercises are essential tools and are to be used in conjunction with a meditative life – enabling us to access our most conscious and objective selves

We thought we would offer some insight and posts about each one of these exercises so keep checking in from time to time or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get the most recent updates!

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